Asmara private house, a Sex Club in Amsterdam, is specialised in erotic massages, oral sex and sexual intercourse.

Asmara private house from Amsterdam, the first government-licensed brothel by the City of Amsterdam is the number one sex club in the field of erotic massages, oral sex and sexual intercourse.

Our sex club has been known since 1985 as one of the best sex clubs in Amsterdam. Asmara Private House Amsterdam Erotic Massage Happy Ending

Historically, in Amsterdam, prostitutes would ply their trade in the small streets called “steegs”.

Although the trade was somewhat profitable, there were safety problems for prostitutes in the unprotected public. Prostitutes were sometimes robbed or beaten because of the lack of security in their business. One of the remedies for this problem was to conduct this business in houses, where the patrons would seek out the ladies of the evening in houses that were protected.

The ladies would put a red light in the window to give clients the message that this private house was open for business and the patron could ring the bell and arrange for service.

Back in the day, owners of houses decided to rent their houses to the various ladies of the evening. It became a successful business venture that provided mutual benefits for all.

Asmara is a combination of a sex club, massage parlor and private house. Enjoy the safety of your visit to the best sex club in Amsterdam.

We welcome you to Willem de Zwijgerlaan 70, where our light is on showing the number 70. Enjoy!

You can find Asmara sex club at:

tel. +31 20 6184069 or +31 20 6181331